Join the Richard Lab

The Richard Lab is now accepting inquiries about positions in the lab! Information on specific positions is listed below.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Potential postdoctoral candidates should have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Psychology or related discipline. Candidates with evidence of scientific accomplishment and expertise in either rodent behavioral models of learning, motivation, or affect, in vivo electrophysiology, viral-mediated circuit dissection approaches and/or computational neuroscience (and a strong desire to develop additional skills in at least one of these areas) are especially encouraged to apply. Please email Dr. Jocelyn Richard ( with a CV, contact information for three references and a brief statement of research interests, including how you would fit within our research program.

Graduate Students

We will be accepting rotating students in the lab starting Fall 2018. Students interested in joining the lab should reach out to Dr. Jocelyn Richard ( and apply to the University of Minnesota Graduate Program in Neuroscience.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students interested in joining the lab, should reach out to Dr. Jocelyn Richard ( for information on available positions. Please include a CV, a brief statement of why you’re interested in working in this lab, and a description of your availability.

Research Technician

Technicians support multiple aspects of our research program, including routine laboratory management, such as ordering supplies, maintaining equipment and maintaining inventory of basic lab equipment and supplies. They are also be responsible for conducting behavioral experiments with rats, maintenance of rat colonies and the collection and processing of tissue for anatomical assessment. Potential candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, psychology, biology or related field, as well as strong organizational and communication skills, good work ethic and some previous laboratory experience. Prior experience with rodent behavioral research is desired, but not required.   While we are not hiring research technicians for 2018, please email Dr. Jocelyn Richard ( if you have any questions about future openings.

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