Richard lab attends the Research Society on Alcoholism meeting

This year’s meeting of the Research Society on Alcoholism was in Minneapolis! That meant a lot of members got to attend their first alcohol meeting or national conference. MJ presented the lab’s first poster demonstrating that “Dependence-induced changes in cue-evoked alcohol-seeking differ based on sex and alcohol availability”. Jocelyn gave a talk in a session on “Neural circuits and molecular signaling in the basal ganglia for motivated and goal-directed alcohol seeking behavior” along with Dorit Ron (UCSF), Veronica Alvarez (NIAAA) and Doo-Sup Choi (Mayo Clinic). Jocelyn talked about how ventral pallidal neurons respond to alcohol cues, and how alcohol exposure alters ventral pallidal encoding of cues for other rewards, like sucrose. It was a great session and a fun meeting overall.

Jocelyn Richard